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life out of balance

29 March 1986
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i don't believe in accidents or coincidences.
a beautiful mind, alanis morisette, aluminum foil, amélie, ansel adams, arm warmers, art, batik, beads, being an undercover hippy, being barefoot, being outside, black, black and white photographs, books, boys, calmness, cameras, camping, canoeing, carbon leaf, carrier library, chinese calligraphy, coldplay, computers, confetti roses, counting crows, darkroom magic, dave matthews band, deviantart, dogs, dreaming, driving fast, dry erase boards, ender's game, fall, fall break, feeling accomplished, film, fire, flowers, free time, french horns, friends, gamecube, gardens, gin blossoms, god, grayson highlands, hal sparks, harry potter, hearts in atlantis, hemp bags, hiking, hootie and the blowfish, i love the 70s, i love the 80s, i love the 90s, incense, jerry uelsmann, jmu, kids, life, lord of the rings, loud music, love, magnets, making beautiful things, meeting new people, mellophones, metal working, michael ian black, mountain fresh downy, mountains, music, my dog, my ipod, nature, neil gaiman, odd things, paper lanterns, parodies, photography, pillows, pimp my ride, ponchos, radiohead, randomness, reading, red, reddish knob, rubber bands, sandalwood beads, scarves, science, scottish terriers, sharpies, sheet music, sleeping in the grass, spiral cut briolettes, spring, stars, sterling silver, strange encounters, summer, swarvoski crystals, sweatshirts, sword of truth, tea, the beach, the history channel, the lengend of zelda, the matrix, the mountains, the sun, traveling, trees, wandering aimlessly, wasting time with friends, winter, wintergreen, wishing